What do Teeth, Pirates and Monkey
have in common? A unique and fun gameplay!

Do you have any pirates in your mouth?

It’a all about importance of clean teeth, packed in fun and enjoyable gameplay.

We invite you to the world of dirty pirates and stolen treasure. With magic toothpaste, coins and special bonuses help monkey to clean pirates and keep them away from the treasure.

Clean them all! They are many and
of all sorts, but all are dirty and keep running faster.
Pick the coins and get extra lives before the greedy crab
does it for you. Unlock crazy bonuses but be
smart with the magic toothpaste. Try hard and feel the frenzy, enjoy the action and have endless hours of fun.



  • Very simple gameplay
  • For everyone - no age requirements make Tooth Frenzy a great gift also for kids
  • Simple and powerful educational message - keep your teeth clean
  • Unlock bonuses by completing objectives and discover even more challenging tasks
  • Beautiful specially designed graphics and sounds
  • Attractive characters that can be loved and shared
  • iCloud sync between devices
  • Game Center achievements and leaderboards
  • Multilanguage support
  • Universal app
  • Universal purchase
  • Optional In-App purchases
Treasure box



We are all time gamers but never had time to do any of our own. Since years passed we got older, more mature and had to do “serious” work with developing business applications. But passion for developing games never left us.

Two years ago between a launch break Dejan got an idea of tooth cleaning game, that came around as a small picture on our blackboard. Two weeks later Janez draw a small pictures of empty tooth silhuetes and printed it. We gave it to our kids who draw different funny faces on them. Some were happy some were not. If they are sad, they are dirty so we have to clean them. And this is how out first prototype was born.

But because good was never enough we thought that game should have a story. Here came the idea of dirty pirates. We put together our first graphic which was miles away from first version but after a while still felt a bit empty.
In a search of even more polished graphic and sound we found a group of guys at Felicijan Sedmak. We showed them our game and after a few weeks they prepared new look which was closer to what we wanted.

After that there was a lot of work on gameplay, polishing and making it available on tvOS. Now, a year and a half later we have completed our “hobby” project. There is a lot of room for improvements and new ideas but we also think that now it is time that you - gameplayers tell us what you think.

So, play the Tooth Frenzy and keep your teeth (or should we say pirates) clean. :)


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